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Otteretto is a game about otters and palindromes. This isn't another Match-3 game; it's a whole new idea to wrap your head around! How long of a palindrome can you make?

5 Game Modes

Classic: Try to reach each level's score goal in the addictive original mode.

The Daily Stack: Join a global competition every day! How many points can you get from the same set of squares as everyone else?

Puzzle: Use logical reasoning to figure out how to turn a set of squares into a single, massive palindrome!

Containment: With more squares being added every move, how long can you keep the container from overflowing?

Walls: In this challenging variant, you'll need to get creative to work around each level's impassable walls

The full version of Otteretto is planned for release soon. Until then, you can try classic mode in your browser here!

Updated 7 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorChris Klimowski