Otteretto 3.1: The Note-Taking Update

It's here! By popular demand, you can now take notes (like in Puzzle Mode) in every game mode!

Note-taking mode is handy for planning out long palindromes without having to hold the whole thing in your head. You don't even need to trace them manually; if your notes form a valid palindrome, you can pop it with a single click!

Full patch notes:

  • Added note-taking in all game modes (enable it in the options menu)
  • Added "clear all notes" button in the pause menu
  • Added sound effects for taking notes
  • Added new hotkeys for taking notes: CTRL/CMD to toggle note-taking, and spacebar to pop a drawn palindrome
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement for clearing the first level on your first move would sometimes not trigger

How do I keep my save data?

Otteretto save data is stored in the same folder as the game. If you're downloading the new version as a zipped folder, copy this folder over to the new one:

Windows: /resources/userdata
Mac: /

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amazing game!  Very addictive and fun!