Make a pleasant little town, 3 hexes at a time.

Click to place pieces.
Use the on-screen buttons, arrow keys, A and D keys, or mouse wheel to rotate your next piece.

Design inspirations
My City (Reiner Knizia)
Tiny Islands (David King)
Cascadia (Randy Flynn)

Originally developed in 1 month for the Eggplant Podcast Community Game Jam.

Source code available here!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorChris Klimowski
Made withPhaser
TagsCity Builder, Hex Based

Development log


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I'm pretty hooked on your game! Thanks. 

I want to know how I can save a game when I close my tablet.  I can't find instructions for that. Or is it possible to save a partially completed game?

Thanks very much.


i get why an undo button isn't provided but also my hands shake so badly and i've lost count of the times that i've accidentally clicked somewhere random on the map 


After trying for countless hours over many weeks I didn't think I could do it, but I finally made it 馃ゲ

Thanks for sharing this great little game!


I too have spent many hours playing this game! Very well done. One request: an undo button (just for the last turn). I've accidentally clicked the mouse button on more than one occasion!


at last... i can die in peace

anyways.... *keeps playing*
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Very fun game. Played it for a couple days and the mechanics are simple but the depth is relatively high, which is great.

It might be worth mentioning rules about the tile generation somewhere in the rules but maybe that's unnecessarily specific (ex: tiles will never have more than 1 windmill, tiles will never have more than 2 grass areas, the game will always generate 12 windmills and maps always have 8 hills so you have 4 windmills you can place elsewhere without losing points, etc...).

Getting 125 feels like it's partially rng but I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing. You can try to maximize your chances by leaving your remaining grass tiles in the same "zone" but ultimately whether or not you can connect them is dependent on what your last few tiles are. Also going for 125 is definitely different than just trying to consistently hit 120 but again that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Going to quit now before I burn even more time on this.


Chris this game is awesome!  Colleagues and I have been looking for a game to use to help teach a concept to a global health audience.  Would love to adapt this game for that purpose.  Can we have a chat to share our ideas and see if you can help?


Thanks for the quick answer! 


love this game. Works well on PC but there鈥檚 strange behavior when using iPad. When anchoring the pieces, what triggers the final placement? Is there a set piece in the group that triggers the anchoring process? I find when using the ipad and trying to anchor, the group shifts to an adjacent location occasionally. 

Sorry, I didn't code the game with touch screens in mind! But if you want to play that way, the pieces are "anchored" at their center. For the "I" and "C" pieces, this is the hex in the middle, but for the "O" pieces, it's at the intersection of the 3 hexes.


92 points, 2nd try

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What a fine little game.  I'd be curious the effect on gameplay of making parks worth more for each additional three-hex block -- might be an incentive to push your luck a little bit, rather than always optimize.  
My high score is 112 -- trying to get that elusive 120.


It took me many hours of playtime to get here! Only one day tho lol, I stayed up until 2AM last night playing this after I discovered it that evening and then got this score this afternoon. I was stuck on a pb of 120 for ages (with three disconnected field tiles). Very fun game, I will definitely come back if there's every any more content added!

Congrats!! I still haven't gotten a perfect score myself.

Not planning any more content for this game, but I have some ideas for a future game I'd like to make in a similar style.

I鈥檓 very excited! I鈥檓 new to, is there any way I can follow you so I get an email notification when you make a new game?

There should be a "Follow Chris Klimowski" link on the game page if you want to stay updated. Thanks for playing!


Seems like I can't seem to get better than that, time to give up! It was fun to play and the scoring made it quite addictive!


Very calming! I played it once on my channel and a few times on my own, a very delightful little puzzle game that's helped me de-stress a couple times after work!

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Wow, thanks! :) It's always so much fun to watch someone playing my games!


I have a question regarding the end of the game. Am I correct in deducing that the game ends when the next random tile has no way to fit? Or is there another rule?

Yep, it ends when you either you place all 25 trihexes, or don't have room for the next one.

Need a reset button.

This could be interesting. Would allow to find the most optimal solution. But this would also require to seed the random number generator, so that the level could be truly reset.


Very addictive. I've finally reached the highest rank today. Great game, thank you!


Finally.... It's over

Just gloating here. A+ game

Congrats! :)

tr猫s sympa ! :)


I've been playing this for months now, whenever I want to relax, and I create myself little challenges, all greens touching, all windmills touchin, exactly 17 points or whatever, this is my lowest number of windmills zero points, next I'll try for 8. Love this game, ya done good, real good. 

Can you go negative?


This game is so satisfying. I finally got the best rank today. 


Been playing this game since 22.03.2022 and today I reached rank S. It's really caused me a lot of anger but finally I can put it to rest. Had a lot of satisfaction but never again.


Awesome balanced game! My best result kekeke


I like this one, one lonely little home, all alone, with a buncha overcrowded windmills and not a tree in sight. 
No way in, no way out, just an empty town hall.........

So peaceful. 



I need help making an hexagonal grid like this! So much harder than square grid,!

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Try this resource for some tips for hex grids! It was super helpful for me.

Omg! Impressive! Thanks so much for ur help. 


Oh wow, really nice, simple and relaxing. Props my dude, cheers.

Any chance for a downloadable version ? I'd love to play this when I'm offline

If you use the itch desktop app it lets you download it

Darker outline when valid + a buffer to offload one bad piece could be welcome additions to the title.


Simple and fun mechanic. Wonderful art style.

I still play so often, even after  I hit 120, I perfet going for 0, its more relaxing

This game is easy to learn and (VERY) fun to play! Great stuff.


Very chill vibes


I really like the style & feel of the game ^^


Oh I think I solved this game now, it appears you wanna get the houses together lols. 


What is a "RANK: E" Mean???

My game will can't run HTML5 ??


Simple, yet very fun puzzle


This game is fun! Love the art

nice game!
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